Noodles with Chicken and Almonds

I can’t sleep…whenever I eat cauliflower.. I just can’t digest it, according to my mum, since I was a kid, but it’s stronger than me… I love it! 

Actually this is a very light recipe, as this mornign while I was making coffee I heard someone screaming from the bathroom … NO MORE CARBS! That was my boyfriend looking at himself in the mirror, naked! He says that wnehever he sees his belly growing, which actually happens quite a lot! 8.00 o’clock resolutions of the week!

Ok, I decide to please him (or at least to pretend to… as I usually do ) and I came out with Noodles for tonight’s dinner. These are NO CARBS! This is Rice! You’re on a diet, a very stricht one! Nice thing about this, that he really is pleased about it, ignoring that rice has actually a lot more carbs than pasta! Anyway…

What you need to complete this dish, is just a little olive oil, and you can avoid using salt, just by using drops of salted soy sauce. I love it!

You need two big red onions and 400gr cauliflower

Use a large pan with a little extra virgin olve oil, let the onions get well brown. Add soy sauce, black pepper, a spoon of butter and a little chili. Cut the cauliflower in little pieces, and put it into the pan with onions.  Cover it with a screw top, and let it go for 15 minutes. Adjust it with hot water or soy sauce during the cooking. Don’t let it dry too much, we need the sauce from the cauliflower to cook the noodles in.

Instead of boiling the noodles in another pan, I just throw them into the cauliflower mixture, adding a little extra water, for another 5 minutes. Let them stand for another 10 minutes to make sure they absorb the sauce.

Meanwhile… if you haven’t finished all your almonds… at least that’s what happen to me everytime I make  a dish with almonds… can’t help crunch them while I’m cooking… 🙂

Toast them into a hot pan, be careful not to burn them..they burn easily

CHICKEN! Let’s work on it! best part of chicken to make this recipe is the breast, big enough to get cubes out of it. So, cut the breat in cubes, about 300gr, dust them with flour, and grill them into a preheated pan with a little of olive oil. Cut a garlic into 4 slices and add them to the chicken while cooking it. (Please remember to remove it aftewards). Add some time and rosemary by the end of the cooking.

Add the chicken to the noodles, mix well, and finally , least but not last, add the almonds. I add ground almonds, and some extra entire ones as decoration.

Not that quick to make, but defenately a high nutritional value dish! Most o f all… no carbs in there ;)!





Italian version here



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