Orange Chocolate Fondant Boucheè

I swear to God…this is gonna be the very last chocolate recipe of the month…. ok, everyone knows that can’t be true, but hey… I have to finish that dozen of choco bars I bought last week somehow… just let me work on it ok!? 🙂

So people, get you silicone spatula out, which doesn’t have to be you tongue actually, and get ready for this lovely, quick, and smelly recipe!

Whisk two egg whites until stiff, melt 120gr of  dark chocolate together with 50gr of butter. Whisk the two yolks left with three big spoons of sugar, two orange zest, a vanilla sachet, yeast, and a pinch of salt. Add the melt chocolate to the mixture with the juice of the two oranges  together with 4 big spoons of sugar.  Mix all together with the egg whites.

Cover your baking pan with greaseproof paper and fill it with the knead. Make sure you use a tall pan, you need a tall cake to be able tu cut regolar cubes off of it.

Now bake for 40mins, 180°C.

Trust me, they’re gonna be the sweetest 40 minutes of your whole day. I wish I could make them everyday just for the sake of having my house surrounded by that delicious smell of cooked butter with oranges. Sublime!

The nice things about these chocobites, is that they will keep on smelling good for days after the baking.  So, please don’t eat them. You might just want to use them as air freshner, you’ll love it! 🙂

Once you got the cubes, serve with English Tea, together with some orange zest. I had them with a nice hot cup of Barley!



Italian Version Here




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